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       Birthdays are celebrated around the world and every culture has its own way of celebrating them. Some traditions are quite similar in many parts of the world - birthday candles which carry wishes up to God, and birthday pinches or taps which ensure good luck for the coming year. Others are more specific to certain countries.
       In Ghana, for example, the day of the week a child was born is celebrated every week! Each week on the child’s birth day, he or she wakes up early and washes using a special soap. In the afternoon, there is a feast with family and friends and the child usually dresses in white clothing. Children in Argentina receive pulls on their ears for their birthday. Traditionally, they get one for each year of their life. Chinese people believe that tigers protect children, so family members bring new babies special food and gifts of clothing or toys decorated with tigers. In Denmark, people fly the country’s flag outside their home to show someone in the family is having a birthday. Gifts are placed around the child’s bed, so they will be the first thing the child sees in the morning.
        In some countries, certain birthdays are considered more important than others. In Egypt, when a child turns a year old flowers and fruit are used to decorate the house as symbols of life and growth. A Japanese child’s third, fifth and seventh birthdays are especially important, and are celebrated with a visit to the local shrine.




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