NAPO - CEPA - Reading Type 2 - Text 2


     The golden-headed lion tamarin is a small, squirrel-sized monkey, about 26 cm long with a 35 cm tail and a long, golden, lion-like mane. It is predominantly black with golden fur at the front of the mane, the lower half of the front paws and part of the tail. Their face, hands and feet remain bare. Their feet have sharp claws (most other primates have nails) that are useful for gripping and climbing branches and also for grabbing insects to eat.
     During the day, the golden-headed lion tamarins roam their territory looking for food. Their diet consists of sweet pulpy fruits, insects and small lizards. They are especially fond of the tiny invertebrates that live in small pools of rainwater that collect in the upper forest canopy. They will also
forage on the forest floor in search of insects. As evening falls, the tamarins return to their nest, usually a hole in a hollow tree. The entrance hole to the nest is too small for most nocturnal predators of the region, so they can sleep in safety.
     Tamarins live in small family groups of about four or five animals, consisting of a breeding pair and their youngest
offspring. The young will stay with their parents after they are weaned and will help their parents raise the newest young. The parents have a strong pair-bond and will stay with each other for life.


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