NAPO - CEPA - Reading Type 2 - Text 3

The History of Italian Pasta

     Who invented pasta? This question is impossible to answer. There is evidence to show that pasta, rather than bread, was made all over the ancient world. [A] Everyone has read the story of how the explorer Marco Polo brought pasta back from China to Italy in the 13th century is famous, but what many people do not realise is that the Chinese have eaten pasta for thousands of years. We know this because in 2005, a Chinese archaeologist called Houyuan Lu found 4,000-year old noodles preserved in a pot in Western China.
     However, the story of Italian pasta is more complicated than one journey to China. There is evidence to show that the Italians were eating pasta before Marco Polo’s time. Italian archaeologists have found 2,400-year old drawings of pasta-making equipment. There is also a 2,000-year old Roman cookery book with recipes for pasta. [B] In fact, Italian pasta has been famous for at least 1000 years. In 1150, the Arab geographer, Al-Idrisi, reported that Italian pasta was enjoyed all over the Arab world.
     The 18th century saw the final developments in Italian pasta. [C] An Italian engineer named Spadaccini developed a new way of mixing pasta that saved hours of work. He also invented the four-pronged fork to make it easier to eat spaghetti. With these developments, Italian pasta quickly became popular all over the world, both in restaurants and in homes. [ D]



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