NAPO - CEPA - Reading Type 2 - Text 4

Hi Ahlia,
     I'm going to send this email to my good friend Maria in England who is coming to Al Ain next week, and I want to be sure that the information is correct for her, because I cannot collect her from the airport in Dubai, so please read it and check the information for me. Thanks!
     When you arrive at Dubai Airport, go outside and catch a bus to Deira, in Dubai centre. From the Deira bus station, you can take a bus to Al Ain. The costs is 20 dirhams and there is one every hour. Because you are arriving in the morning, you will have no problems getting to Al Ain.
     When you get to Al Ain, I will be working, so take a taxi to my house. To get there, tell the driver to go to the Coffee Pot roundabout. When he gets there, ask him to turn first right and then right again, and there you will see a big green house on the left. I live there. You can find the key under the big flower pot to the right of the front door. Go in and have a nice shower, a rest and a cup of coffee! I'll be home at about 5 p.m.


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