NAPO - CEPA - Reading Type 2 - Text 5

    Most people spend about eight hours each day sleeping. In other words, it seems we spend about one third of our life 'doing nothing'. However, sleep is not really doing nothing, even though it looks like it. Our eyes are closed, our muscles are relaxed, and we breathe in a slow, even pattern. [A] Scientists have studied sleep and found that our heart slows down, yet our brain is very active. But why do we need to sleep? [B] There are so many things we could be doing if we did not sleep.
    Actually, sleep is more important than you think. Without sleep every day, we could not survive. [C] It allows our bodies to recover from all the physical activity we do each day, and to get some rest for the next day. [D] Even more importantly, sleep is necessary for brain development. It helps our memory, our thinking, our concentration, and our ability to make decisions. When you don't get enough ‘ shuteye’, you may feel tired or angry, or may be unable to think clearly. You may find it difficult to follow directions, and small problems may seem like big problems. In fact, sleep is important to keep both our physical and mental health at the right level.
    How much sleep each person needs depends on many things, including age. Adults need about 8 hours, teenagers 9-10 hours, while babies need up to 16 hours each day. Make sure you get enough sleep today!


Choose the correct answer from a , b , c or d: