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     Stop for a minute and take a deep breath of fresh air. Doesn’t that feel good? In fact, fresh air not only gives you more energy and makes you feel more clear-headed, but it also provides you with many other health benefits as well.

     Considering today’s crowded cities with numerous factories, cars, buses and motorcycles, it is not surprising that studies show that most people do not get enough fresh air. Furthermore, air that is confined in buildings, offices and malls becomes weak with loss of vitality because people breathe it again and again. The air we breathe is recycled and becomes stale. [A]

     So what exactly is ‘fresh’ air? It is electrified, meaning that it is charged with negative ions. Benefits of breathing this ‘electrified’ air include: improved sense of well-being, feeling more relaxed and energetic, better lung function, lower body temperature, lower heart rate and better growth rates for plants and animals. In addition, ‘fresh air’ means fewer viruses and bacteria in the air. [B]

     Tests on animals show that fresh air makes them calmer and less likely to have stomach problems, while tests on children reveal that with good air they have better brain function. Studies done on the Middle Eastern “sharaw,” a hot wind with bad air (unwanted positive ions), reveal that about 30% of people breathing this air show signs of tiredness, headaches plus stomach, eye and breathing problems. [C]

     One new solution to the problem of poor air quality is the oxygen cafe. At oxygen cafes in the USA you can buy oxygen ‘flavored’ with peppermint or strawberry, for example. Customers sit at a table and breathe the oxygen through tubes. The oxygen costs about four dirhams per minute and customers say it results in fewer headaches, more energy and better breathing.

     But before you go rushing out to an oxygen cafe, beware: doctors say that while some oxygen is good, more is not necessarily better. Also, the flavored oils they use could be bad for your lungs, and smoking around oxygen is very dangerous. [D]

Even better than an oxygen café is lots of simple fresh air. So open up the windows, take some deep breaths and feel the energy!


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